Minato Sakamoto is a Japanese composer born and raised in suburban Osaka. He composes music to express something of the human experience, including seemingly mundane and personal occurrences. His compositions practice the unserious seriously, fuse spontaneous and organic qualities, and demonstrate a clear connection to the past. His compositions have been read and performed by Wistaria String Quartet, RighteousGIRLS, and Junko Watanabe among many others.

Besides composition, Minato's musical interest includes Western art music in China, computer algorithms as a tool to assist the process of composition, and improvisation at the piano as a means to provoke unbridled self-expression. He has studied with excellent teachers including Scott Lindroth (composition), Eric Sawyer (composition), John MacDonald (composition), Gilles Vonsattel (piano), and David E. Schneider (chamber music).


Minato is currently studying towards his Ph.D in composition at Duke University. He previously studied at Amherst College, majoring in Music and Asian Languages and Civilizations (with a focus on Chinese). He graduated summa cum laude in 2018 with the Eric Edward Sundquist Prize for composition and the Woods-Travis Prize for academic excellence. After graduation, he worked as Graduate Associate 2018-2019 in music at Amherst College. Minato is also a Certified and Accredited Weather Forecaster of Japan (certified by Japan Meteorological Agency).

As a railway addict, Minato constantly wastes his time to explore unique railways all over the world. Favorite composer: Johannes Brahms. Favorite locomotive: China Railway DF4 Type.


Two (TOO) Beautiful Photos by Faith Wen (US) and by XieJHao (China)



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