Three Urban Railways, for soprano saxophone and piano, 2019
Reading session live recordings by Susan Fancher (soprano saxophone) and Minato Sakamoto (piano)
Three Urban Railways is composed of three little movements. My algorithm for this piece extracts frequency and amplitude data of three railway announcements and transforms them into music: Guangzhou Metro (Guangzhou, China) for the first movement, Hankyu Railway (Osaka, Japan) for the second movement, and Metro North (New York City, United States) for the third movement. 
While I almost exclusively used algorithmic processes, I could not help thinking different characters of the three railways - spontaneity for Guangzhou Metro, pessimistic depression for Hankyu Railway, and machinery vibrancy for Metro North. These impressions affected my choice of parameters. The use of different announcement data and parameters resulted in three intriguing musical characters.
Movement I. Guangzhou Metro - Minato Sakamoto
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Movement II. Hankyu Railway - Minato Sakamoto
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Movement III. Metro North - Minato Sakamoto
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Another Algorithmic Composition Project in Progress...
In this project, I will algorithmically generate unexpected, intriguing melodies by modifying, relaxing, and intensifying traditional counterpoint rules. Using the music21 library in Python, my program will code traditional counterpoint rules instructed in Traité de Contrepoint, a 1964 book by Noël Gallon and Marcel Bitsch at Conservatoire de Paris; its acceptance of user-input parameters, however, will twist the rules. I suspect intentional misinterpretation and misrepresentation of the established counterpoint tradition should result in musical innovation in an intriguing way. More to come!



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